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Friday, January 8, 2010

Clean and simple card

According to my very supporting DH,this card is so so, it's okay, I can handle it, he thinks you never see a car in this colour in real life. He is most likely right, but it's a card for a little boy, and the colours work together, and little boys have big imagination, he should know that, we have 4 boys!
We woke up to a couple of centimeters more snow and now everything looks fresh again, very pretty! I am glad we didn't get the freezing rain they were talking about.
Have a great day and thanks for stopping by, Anja


Janine said...

Great card Anja!! Happy New Year to you!!

joyce said...

Oh, what do husbands know anyway?!But if I see a car that colour in real life I'll let you know,lol! Love the way you weaved the ribbon through the paper...I suppose this is another punch I need to buy now?!! Great card...thanks for sharing. Looking forward to another year of shopping and stamping together!

jandokan said...

You can see that man aren't creative :P

I just love that card...
and the colors are very pretty!