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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Helicopter ride!

Every week or so a helicopter flies over to check the pipeline that goes through part of our land. They fly pretty low and 2 years ago my husband talked to the company at the farm show and they said that sometimes they take up he said he would call us sometime......And that's what happened this morning, I got a call from the pilot and he said that he would like to take us up today.......and what the nearest airport was.....
After some talking he said he would pick us up at home, land in the pasture beside the house.
There was room for 3 people, mmmm, there is 5 of us at home....since my dh is really afraid of heights, we were down to 4.......... But when the pilot came, he said it was no problem to make 2 trips, soooooooooooo nice!!
It was really cool and even my husband enjoyed it, he said it wasn't scary at all.
I couldn't stop smiling and all my men did was fun, cool, amazing, special, such a nice surprise!!
Did I ask for a boring week last week? This week certainly wasn't.
Have a great weekend, Anja


joyce said...

Wow! That's kind of a once-in-a-lifetime experience!! Sounds like you all loved every minute of it. The boys must have been so pumped!!

Angie said...

Very cool. Sorry I missed your calls :( This week shouldn't be as busy.

Margaret Anne said...

How exciting for you and your family. You certainly are deserving of such a treat. I really enjoyed Thur. make and take and have made two variations already. Thank you and enjoy this week too!