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Friday, August 27, 2010

Really Dutch card

Red, white, blue and a windmill.....I don't think I can make it any "Dutcher", LOL!
A couple of years ago when this SU set was about to retire, my rep thought for sure I wanted this set, but I was, like, oh no, people in Holland don't need those cards from me in Canada......
Then my mom got a set of cards made with this set....she loved it.....apparently her Dutch immigrant friends like those she asks me, do you have the set? No Mom, long story short, I went on Ebay and paid way tooooooooooooo much for this set but I am glad to have it, LOL! My Mom's birthday is coming up and I am making her a set of cards, I better use this set....
I am gonna clean my windows outside, we got some new ones put in and there are so many fingerprints on them, it will top off my Dutch feeling!
Have a great day and thanks for stopping by, Anja


Tattingrid said...

Tuuuurlijk vinden mensen die molens mooi, kom nou! En ga jij maar lekker ramen zemen, zolang je iedereen in Canada maar niet wijsmaakt dat wij dat hier elke week doen...

Andrea said...

ooh what a gorgeous card,
I'm into the dutch cards right now, for postcrossing
I understand that your stamp isnot for sale , but can you make for me a few images , please
love the card and your mam will be very pleased I think
hugs andrea