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Friday, April 29, 2011

Three B's!

It's been a different week, some good, some bad...
The first B for camera isn't broken, I got another Birthday, second B, and since I am "old", according to my son, who reset the settings and voila, all done, LOL! So I got some other nice presents. The third B can completeley go away now...that is the tummy bug that came to me on Easter Sunday, not so fun, but the good news is, that I didn't gain any weight this Easter and not from the birthday cake. In every situation you can find something good if you look for it, right?
Have fun watching the Royal Wedding!!
Thanks for stopping by, Anja


Quilting with Jannette said...

I'm glad to hear that you're feeling better!
What a great card! Not too feminine for a guy, or too manly for a girl...
I really love the way you put the emphasis on the center section - and that you left it as a silhouette.

joyce said...

Nice that folder! Hope you are feeling back to you normal self (not that you were normal before!!lol)