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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Embossed trees

First of all if you're American, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!
Enjoy this special day!
Here it's a regular day.
I need a masculine birthday card and this is all I can think of.
has some nice embossed trees in some of her cards with 2 colours and I thought I was gonna try is easy to do and it really turns out just have to keep the 2 colours apart and not use the same tray if you haven't emptied it yet.
I didn't do that so I ended up with 2 colours mixed, copper and brown, so when I finally decided I wanted my trees embossed on the kiwi kiss paper I used this mix. It took me a while to make the card, and I still think there is something missing or maybe there is too much green on the card. Anyway it is as it is and this card will be in the mail tomorrow.
Hope to be back soon to share another card, thanks for looking, Anja

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I really like that card! The trees look great with that technique, and I think all the embossed parts just make it more special - well done!